ghc-7.6.3: The GHC API

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Auxiliary functions to vectorise type abstractions.



polyAbstract :: [TyVar] -> ([Var] -> VM a) -> VM aSource

Vectorise under the PA dictionary variables corresponding to a set of type arguments.

The dictionary variables are new local variables that are entered into the local vectorisation map.

The purpose of this function is to introduce the additional PA dictionary arguments that are needed when vectorising type abstractions.

polyApply :: CoreExpr -> [Type] -> VM CoreExprSource

Apply a expression to its type arguments as well as PA dictionaries for these type arguments.

polyVApply :: VExpr -> [Type] -> VM VExprSource

Apply a vectorised expression to a set of type arguments together with PA dictionaries for these type arguments.

polyArity :: [TyVar] -> VM IntSource

Determine the number of PA dictionary arguments required for a set of type variables (depends on their kinds).